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  1. Hot Town Cool Girl says

    This is really interesting! I am pretty vocal about social issues specifically on Instagram and it’s cool to see all of the different people and ideas.

  2. cierrascynosure says

    I tooootally get this feeling Xan and it is 1000% valid. I feel this way about my activism with veganism! Everybody has a cause they are passionate about fighting for, and we all fight in different ways. Whether you’re on the front lines of marches or behind the scenes designing info graphics, your efforts are valiant and deserve applause. Thank you for the honest post <3

  3. Cas @ Daydreaming Ink says

    I totally get how you feel about this and I think that at the end of the day it is really about personal choice; you have the right to speak up if you want, or not. This was a really interesting post to read and I enjoyed reading about your opinions.

  4. Kate @ Cover to Cover Book Blog says

    This all sounds very familiar. A lot the time, I don’t bother to get involved because I know that if I say something even remotely contrary to someone else, or a bit different, I will get sh*t on and honestly, a lot of the times it’s not worth the hassle. Even if it’s important or correct 🙂 This is a nice reminder


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