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  1. wait_huh says

    Happy fifth blogaversary!

    Yeah, the internet and social media in particular get a lot of bad press (often deserved), but we cannot forget the ways in which it helps a lot of us both to explore our individuality and to find a sense of community and belonging that we might not have in our daily/’real’ lives, so I loved reading your post and seeing a bit of what this all means to you. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on those 5 years!
    – Reese

  2. Jessica at Booked J says

    Now, OBVIOUSLY, I knew this love letter was going to be a gift because IT’S YOU. But, also, like, you started with Dear Internet Humans which is always the best way to start love letters and speeches. In all sincerity, HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY TO TWIRLING PAGES. Or, as my computer just tried to correct my spelling: TWILIGHT PALS which is close enough but not quite. Let’s give my computer a round of applause for attempting to exist!

    (For real though, happy five years! You are one of the best! And this post was very sweet/wonderful!)

  3. Marta says

    Happy blogaversary! <3 You were one of the first people I ever followed, even before starting my own blog, so it's crazy to see how time is passing. I just thought about sending some nice thoughts, I hope you have a great day ^^

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