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  1. Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical says

    I genuinely love the KonMarie method so much! I started to watch her show on Netflix, and then bought her books, and while I’m not ready (I’m so slooow at everything this semester haha) I’m definitely loving what I’ve accomplished. I used to keep all the clothes I didn’t love, or didn’t like how they fit me anymore, because what if I grow to love them again? What if I get slim enough to fit into pants I haven’t work in years!? Yeah, no more of that – all those did was bring me down constantly. And the same about books! I’ve had so many I just was never going to read (either for the first time, or reread), heck, I was holding on to books I hated.. Anyhow, what I mean is – the KonMarie method is so simple, but it works for me. As for the cleaning.. I *really* need to do that, and I fully agree – dust and hair are so bloody annoying, they get everywhere, I swear. I also agree about the following – I need to clean my bloglovin and twitter list. As for the blog – my co-bloggers and I decided to change the name and look of our blog and to move it wordpress… and we didn’t bring any of our old posts with us. It felt weird to let it go, but at the same time kind of freeing? Sorry for the long comment, love your post and blog!!


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