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  1. tasya @ the literary huntress says

    This is a fantastic list, Priscilla! I already watch half and have the other half on my to-watch list. I find Goblin is very pretty, but pacing wise, I feel like it was a bit off. Same with While You Were Sleeping. But at least I find some new faves from both drama 😀 I have Weightlifting Fairy and Mr. Sunshine high on my list, I still haven’t decided which one to watch first. I also love Reply 1988, it’s just so heartwarming and nostalgic!

    • Priscilla Kong says

      hi tasya! i get what you mean about goblin – it’s very very slow. i don’t remember feeling that way about while you were sleeping, though! i would recommend weightlifting fairy, especially if you want something fun and light-hearted! or you can watch mr. sunshine first and then follow it up with weightlifting fairy, since you’ll definitely want something lighter after mr. sunshine. just be aware that mr. sunshine is pretty long and also quite slow compared to most dramas! i haven’t watched any of the reply dramas, but i’ll check them out :))

  2. Janina @ love letters says

    I love this!! <3 Two of them are on my To-Watch-List (While You Were Sleeping & What's Wrong With Secretary Kim) and ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon). I love that k-drama so much and I'm stoked that you mentioned it! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Priscilla Kong says

      hahah i’m actually rewatching strong woman do bong soon right now and remembering how good it is! also yes!! you should definitely watch while you were sleeping 🙂 thanks for reading!


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