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  1. Hazel @ Stay Bookish says

    Totally feel you on series finales, Xan! I still haven’t picked this last book (and BLLB) up, but reading your review now, I feel like I need to do so ASAP. I’m very ready to be emotionally invested and get into these amazing characters that Stiefvater created. Exciting to hear that there’s a new person to meet too! Adore those quotes you shared btw!

  2. Aine Grace says

    Basically The Raven King was a feels destroyer. I’m the same as you, where I always worry about going into series finales, but it was amazing and I shouldn’t have doubted Maggie Stiefvater. I think my favorite part about this series was the characters, and this book gave them the perfect endings.

  3. CG @ Paper Fury says

    AFJDLKASD I HAVE SUCH INFINITE LOVE FOR THIS SERIES I COULD EXPLODE. *proceeds to combust* I never felt neutral bahahhah so TRK was just an explosion for me. I was actually super anxious reading it that I’m planning to re-read REALLY soon to take in all the stuff I missed because I was just so desperate to know the ending. 😂 I agree it is kind of an odd series and I get why it wouldn’t appeal to just anyone, but it TOTALLY stole my heart. My ships sailed. The ending was perfect. My heart exploded. <3 I couldn't ask for more.

  4. TaraM says

    i just finished The Raven King and i one-hundred percent agree with you about this series! it’s absolutely amazing!!!


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