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  1. The Artist Librarian says

    Especially “yes” to #5 — I’ve been on instagram for about a year and I’ve been bookstagramming seriously for maybe 6 months or so? It’s interesting and sometimes confusing to see accounts that have a comparable level of photo quality have twice the number of followers than you do. I’d question, “What’s the secret?” or “What am I doing wrong?” But like you said, it’s not something you should focus on … Just do what you enjoy –if you’re not having fun or just concerned about followers, then you’ve missed the whole point/purpose …

    Also (correct me if I’m wrong, it might be an unwritten Instagram rule I don’t know about), don’t feel obligated to follow other people’s accounts just because they follow you. Check out their account, sure, but if it’s not something you’re interested in, don’t feel like you have to follow them. When I first joined Instagram and began getting follows from people I didn’t know IRL, I’d sometimes feel like I should follow them back –but especially with Instagram’s weird algorithm (not displaying your feed by date), I think you should just follow accounts that you’d want to see in your feed.

    Consistency is something I struggle with for my blog (especially with the craziness with school and work this semester) … What do you think the standard for “consistent” is on Instagram? Once a day? I’ve seen bigger accounts 5,000+ posting 2-3 times a day, but that seems a bit much for me …

  2. Mara @ Mara Was Here says

    Thanks for all the awesome tips! I’m still a newbie at bookstagramming so I’m constantly trying to post more photos and commenting on other photos. This post will definitely help me! It’s really fun to talk to other bookstagrammers and fangirl with them. xD I’ve always been hinking of joining challenges, but anxiety always kicks in me. >.< Hopefully I'll finally muster up the courage to join one sometime soon. 🙂

  3. Maha @younicornreads says

    YES YES to the one about followers count. it’s reaaaally useless. i mean, i noticed that when you do a S4S or like for like, you don’t get real ACTIVE followers. people are just following you to get a shoutout, and unfollow you if you don’t make one for awhile. so you become, like, someone who DEPENDS on these shoutouts for shoutouts because they don’t know why they’re losing followers.


    Maha @ Younicorn Reads

  4. Aelin Herondale says

    Love your tips!! I have just started my own bookstgram!! Next month I really want to read the unexpected everything by Morgan Matson!! 🙂

  5. Faith Hope Cherrytea says

    re- “… or create your own!”
    I’d really like to know how to do this…
    I have created the prompts, have a background photo, but how to put it together is the prob ..
    Thanks for providing the info needed to do your inspiring prompt as above 🙂

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