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  1. Julia @ Beauty of Bibliophile says

    Sooo beautiful. *insert heart eyes* (My OCD is pleased.)
    Unfortunately, I did not own a bookshelf, let alone an organized place to put my books. XD I use a wooden basket–it kind of looks like a crate–and it’s small enough to fit in my closet. Of course, it doesn’t fit all of my books, so I’ve stored the rest of them underneath my bed or dresser.
    I organize them by color, though it’s hard to tell. XD I’m thinking about re-filing, but that calls for lots of time and patience.

    • alexandra @ twirling pages says

      i didn’t get a bookshelf until a few years ago (and i had HUNDREDS of books) and i stored them all in my clothes drawers, which drove my mom mad. she’d be like “WHERE DO I PUT YOUR PRECIOUS CLOTHES?” and i’d be like, “WHERE DO I PUT MY PRECIOUS BOOKS?” ahahah. i hope you could get a bookshelf soon! i admire your attempt to organize by color despite the difficulty. color organization above all!

  2. Mara @ Mara Was Here says

    OMG, YOUR BOOKSHELF LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL! Mine looks nothing compared to yours! ;-; I have yet to organize my shelves because I just put my newly-acquired books on any empty part of my bookshelf (lazy-ass, I know).

  3. Iween says

    Loving your book shelf! The height of it makes me envious but also anxious cause I probably would fall off trying to organize the books on the top, haha!

    I organize my books according to their heights (but it’s driving me a bit crazy seeing books from the same series getting separated T.T). And like you, there are two layers of books – also drives me crazy cause I want to be able to see ALL my babies. HAHA.

    Much love, Iween xo. ♡ | http://wendystrucked.wordpress.com

  4. Tasya @ The Literary Huntress says

    Your books look so beautiful! I really want to color coordinate my books, but I just can’t stand to have books from a series in different part of the shelf XD So I just organize my books by the series, it feels statisfying knowing you have completed books in the series!

  5. czai says

    I love your bookshelf!! Color coordinating shelves looks pretty but I never do it on mine because I’m too lazy to do it and I generally just want them neatly arranged by author and series..
    I have a TBR, Read books, and fave shelf. And everything’s arranged alphabetically.

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  6. Aneeqah says

    THIS IS SO CUTE OMG. I honestly have noooo idea how you manage to keep your bookshelves so neat and color coordinated, for goodness sake. I’m staring at mine right now and it’s like a hurricane has come through my shelves, seriously.

    Also, books are basically everywhere in my house. Like, I go into the office: books. I go into the living room: books. I go into the kitchen: THERE’S A BOOK ON THE STOVE (okay jk I would never do this to my lovely books but you get the point).

    Fabulous, fabulous post (queen) Xan!!! <33

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