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  1. annie says

    yes pls tell how me the vanilla chai cookies go! these looked absolutely amazing and now i feel inspired to bake! but i have tried and i know that i really am not good at baking at all even though i enjoy it. somehow i’m just never really happy with the way my treats turn out? but i can make rice krispie squares (but i can somehow still mess THOSE up even though they are so easy) so i will probably end up making those for christmas! maybe add some sprinkles to make them more festive 🙂

  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    Mmmmm these look DELICIOUS. It actually kills me when characters love cooking because I get so hungry. XD But yet it’s my favourite thing?!? Life is so hard. XD I was just baking mini pies this afternoon and…eeeeeep.
    (Also your photos are gorgeous. I SAY THAT EVERY TIME AND IT’S ANNOYING BUt…still. <3)

  3. Rebecca @ Reading Wishes says


    Now that I’ve got that out the way…I totally understand the blogging/reading funk thing. I’m sadly going to be taking a step back because I feel like I’ve lost the reading bug, as much as I hate to admit. Time to fall back in love with reading, stress free! We haven’t baked much yet – shocker! So far we’ve made thumbprint cookies (or as I like to call them, jam drops) and we’re baking gingerbread tomorrow. Might be whipping up a batch of White Christmas too, which is rather fitting considering I just watched a movie with the same name. Enjoy a cookie for me!

  4. Veronica says

    Those cookies look so good! I am going to bake cookies for Christmas with my family this week, and I can’t wait now. Maybe I’ll try making those cookies later.

  5. Kristen Burns says

    These look delicious! If you’re gonna be a blogging and reading slump, this is a great way to spend the time! When is technology going to evolve to the point that we can just get food straight from the computer screen? The only cookies I bake from scratch for Christmas are meringue cookies, but I add peppermint to make them festive lol.

  6. fuyu says

    omg xandra those look fantastic! I’m probably going to try these out at my family’s party. Tell us if the vanilla chai cookies go well! I’m liking the diversity of your posts. The cookies and the books in the photographs are so beautiful.

  7. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    These look really good, though I don’t really like peppermint very much… heh. I’ve been baking a lot myself lately! I got some new materials for making fancy icing so I’m excited to use them!

  8. Poppy says

    Ahhh these white chocolate peppermint cookies look absolutely delicious! Last year, I made Taylor Swift’s vanilla chai cookies, and they were the best. I would love to see how yours turn out!

  9. Lish says

    AAAAAAAAAH, those cookies look so delicious! I’m currently avoiding dairy/gluten/preservatives, but I can still feast my eyes. *happy sigh* Yep, Pinterest possesses a surprising and wondrous power over the mind |-D Charries in the kitchen are delightful; I love it when they describe the smells. I haven’t baked much yet this Dec, but I bet things will start to get pretty crazy the kitchen the closer we get to Christmas + New Years.

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