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  1. Jen @ J(en)'adore says

    Yes Xan you are killin’ it with the reading even though you were so busy with life!! I’m planning on reading Catcher in the Rye & TLTSTW soon 🙂 And hey, at least you gave audiobooks a try! I can totally see how you might fall asleep on your way back from Vegas. They aren’t for everyone! AND OMG I am *with* you on the Bieber front! I listened to Sorry this month and am SO obsessed with it, it’s not even funny. I was anti-Bieber up until now… what is life.

    I hope you have a wonderful December and are just as productive (or more)!!

  2. Aneeqah says

    (I’m typing this from my phone during English class so hopefully this goes through!!)

    Seems like November was a fabulous month for you!! Though I totally feel you on those yucky feelings. College apps are really making me reconsider anything and everything that I have done in my life. Taking a break and keeping things real is so important to keep things in pe respective!!!

    GIRL, 7 books is so good!! And pretty sure WINTER counts for like 2.5 books, lol. I totally need to get my hands on a copy!! Planning to binge re-read the first three and then read the last one during winter break.

    Soooo excited about the bullet journal! Also, what is this December studyblr challenge?! I want in. (Ps: SO stoked about the 100 days of productivity challenge and for our gift exchange!!!!! so many good things).

    Here’s to an amazing December!

  3. Joséphine says

    Audiobooks are popular in the blogosphere? That one’s new to me! Haha. I often feel like I’m the only one raving about them. Lol. I only know of two or three fellow bloggers who regularly listen to them. The rest, well, they fell asleep trying, like you ;D

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