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  1. Sydney Lee says

    my october was hectic! I had an all-region orchestra audition, an orchestra fall concert, and tennis tryouts! overall, it felt so stressful, but I’m actually sad that half of fall is already over 🙁 the most disappointing thing was that all the dramas i have loved ended in this month:( (“love in the moonlight” and “moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo”) I mostly loved these kdramas because they had AMAZING osts that i have been listening to every day. i am excited about november because november means that the starbucks red cups are coming out again, and we have fall break! during fall break, i am going on a road trip somewhere…! btw, new dramas are coming out and I CAN’T WAIT! all this week, i have exams and i am so nervous!! anyways, this was sort of long, but I love your youtube, and all your blog posts so keep updating 😉

  2. helen says

    I’m honestly so in love with Rowan Blanchard, and I love that post about her! CROOKED KINGDOM WAS SOOO GOOD. I’M STILL DECEASED. I’m visiting China next summer! I hope you have a good time there!

  3. Tasya @ The Literary Huntress says

    ahh i hope you’ll have an amazing show! please don’t forget to write a recap, i always love your ballet recaps💘 i have crooked kingdom but i’m really nervous about it that i ended up keep pushing it back instead of reading it haha! have an amazing november!

  4. Lais Espacini says

    I hope you have a fantastic show! I’m also excited to read your recaps after your trip – I’ve always been fascinated about China. It looks hectic, but in a good way? I don’t know if that’s possible, but that’s how I feel about big cities sometimes, hahah.
    October was one of the best months of the year so far, but I feel like November won’t be as fun, since finals are approaching. I’m still excited because by the end of the month I’ll be travelling to New York! It will be my first time, so let’s hope I don’t get lost completely.
    May you have a great November!

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