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  1. Lara says

    I love the rambling video you posted while you did your make-up where you talked about your thought spirals. I struggled with wanting everything to be perfect to the point where I just had to crash… I put out a lot of shitty content and didn’t do well in school and had a year of not doing so well, but now I’ve pulled myself out of it and I’m less of a perfectionist because looking back on everything, even the things I thought were crap weren’t actually so bad and now I just regret deleting things I thought were bad but weren’t.

    I hope that made sense… Basically my advice is that the things you’re seeing as crap probably aren’t that crap! They may not be up to the usual standards you’ve set yourself, but that’s okay!

  2. Blossoms and Bullet Journals says

    I love your context, Alexandra! I’m a perfectionist sometimes too, so I totally get what you’re saying here. Anyway, I hope you keep posting, because I absolutely love your stuff! <3

  3. Isla says

    That feeling really sucks sometimes… I mean, being perfectionist makes you put the bar at high standards and that can be a good thing because one makes a bigger effort to get that high. But… then there’s this, all the stress and thinking your work isn’t enough when it actually may be a good place to at least start doing what you do.

    When you think something isn’t good enough it may be a good decision to just put it on the drawer, wait a bit, and see it a at later point in time when you can actually judge it’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s saved me from wasting a considerable amount of stuff so I hope it helps someone at the very least.

    Thanks for sharing your take on this. And well… lets all just keep trying to learn and improve! (>

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