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  1. Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic says

    Your photos are literally so pretty. I’m trying to get into photography but my camera hates me (or perhaps I’m just a bad photographer XD). I’ve always wanted to go to New York, it looks AMAZING! That’s also so cool that you do ballet!

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      thank you for nominating me! i read your post and i’ll leave a comment soon 🙂 hopefully, i’ll find the time to write up a post and NOT forget (because that’s what usually happens). it’s too bad you were in new york but couldn’t visit the strand!

  2. Ashley G. says

    Wait. So there are just random book stands on the streets of New York?! I want to go to New York now!

    I love buying books! But there aren’t any bookstores in my town so if I want to go to an actual bookstore instead of buy online (which I usually do) we have to go out of town. Recently, I was doing a little research online about where the original story of Beauty and the Beast came from. I was reading a retelling of it. There are a couple different versions, but it seems the original was written by a French lady. It was actually almost 300 hundred pages long! Anyhow, I got incredibly distracted and bought it on Amazon, even though I wasn’t *supposed* to be buying books. But you know, while I was at it I also got Frankenstein (for school) and the last book of the Ascendance Trilogy.

    I love all your photos! They’re so beautiful. Also, going to a ballet sounds like such fun!

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      yes! i’d be walking and there were entire streets of book stands! i’m not even sure if it was that specific street, or if it’s a normal thing. regardless, you should visit new york if you have the chance; it’s one of my favorite cities!

      there aren’t many bookstores in my town either, so i also usually buy my books online. erm, hence the bookshop crawl while i was in new york. that is so cool how you bought the original story of beauty and the beast! now you’ve get me curious about it.

      thanks for visiting my blog!! <33

  3. annie says

    my heart aches at these pictures OH MY GOD. also a+ on your pun. love your copy of fangirl and nick + norah! i only have nick + norah as a ebook but since they redesigned all the rachel cohn and david levithan books, i really want to get a physical copy! also i love how there’s a little inscription in your abt book! i think used books are so awesome bc i love thinking about what the previous owners were like so finding a note or an inscription is like hitting the jackpot for me.

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      i’d like to be known as the pun master. i wasn’t really invested into the rachel cohn and david levithan books until they redesigned and now i just threw money to get these. (well, sorta. i had the opportunity to buy naomi and eli, but i didn’t think i’d like the story so i didn’t buy it??) if you’re thinking of getting a physical copy, definitely go to an actual bookstore to buy it and not online because UGHH. that was an awful experience. and i completely agree with you, on the whole, used books thing! it makes me feel so vintage and connected with the world. is that weird? my sister thinks used books are ehhh because she’s like “you don’t know where that’s been. ew.” which is true but it’s not true. you know what i mean?

  4. Kristin @ Simply Bookish Thing says

    I NEED TO GO TO NY! XD I love indie bookstores, there always for me the best kind of bookshops to shop at! I still need to read Since you’ve been gone as well as Hollow City! The hardcover of Since you’ve been gone is so PRETTY! Love your photo’s by the way, they’re so gorgeous! 😀

  5. isha @ two sisters bloggin' says

    see this is why i need to go to new york! there’s just so many pretty indie bookstores and i just *hearteyes emoji* but i feel like if i do go there i would actually end up buying loads of books to lol. your pictures are lovely as always!

    great post, alex <333


  6. Alliyah says

    This is such a gorgeous post! I love how you can find so many independent bookstores/stands in new york! I live in London and I always feel like I have to really go out of my way to find any book shop let alone an independent one :/

  7. Natalie @ Flowers in my Books says

    this was a GREAT haul. I totally understand the need to collect different editions of Fangirl. I have two and I recently saw one that’s exclusive to a particular book store and I NEED it. Ok I don’t need it but I NEED it. I also can’t buy books until the end of October. Heh.

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