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  1. Claire @ Coffee with Claire says

    I hated the first time I tried an audiobook but I gave it a shot again a year later and now I can’t live without them! I wholeheartedly agree that audiobooks counts as reading and it’s helped me tremendously with my Goodreads challenge. I ended up switching from Audible to Scribd because I was going through a few audiobooks a month.

  2. Lydia says

    If your library uses the service, Hoopla is good too. There’s no waiting period, but the downside is there’s a monthly check out limit. My library limits me to 8 books a month. I alternate between Hoopla and Libby so this usually isn’t an issue.

  3. Reese says

    Yeah, it can be hard to tell when you don’t like the book vs when you don’t like the narrator! One fun thing,though, is that when you find a narrator you do love, then you can look up what else they’ve done and you can find yourself enjoying genres/books you wouldn’t have picked out otherwise.

  4. Kyra says

    I’ve recently started listening to audiobooks, and it’s definitely revolutionised my reading game. Last month I ended up reading double the amount I usually read!

  5. Holly says

    I LOVE audiobooks! Just started listening to them this summer on my one hour commute and it’s such a good way to read more. I love your advice about rereading old favorites first. I also recommend listening to memoirs–often they’re read by the people who wrote them, which makes listening to them even more fun. Great post! <3

    • Alexandra Ling says

      thank you! yeah it’s cool listening to memoirs because they really feel like the author is reading to you (because they are haha). i really want to listen to michelle obama’s memoir!

  6. erickaonpaper says

    I think it’s so pretentious when people claim that audiobooks aren’t “real” books or that YA isn’t “actual” literature. Ew, just ew at those people. Also, I think this post is fabulous! I would love to get into audiobooks and I think re-reading a book I love is such a great way into it. Unfortunately I also listen to a million podcasts and use that as an excuse not to get into audiobooks :/ Either way, I hope I get into them soon! Thanks for the advice!

    • Alexandra Ling says

      i usually go back and forth between music, podcasts, and audiobooks! usually i’ll listen to podcasts in between books or when i need a break. i hope you’ll try it out soon :))


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