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  1. Brittany says

    WOW, this is a haul of epic proportions! First off, I never realized that SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE was that huge!! That was totally random, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo XD INTO THE DIM is such an amazing book, I really loved it! Also, I can’t wait to read A TYRANNY OF PETTICOATS! Your hauls are always my favorite ^__^

    Brittany @ Brittany’s Book Rambles

  2. Emily @ Books & Cleverness says

    So. Many. Books! I adore The Statistical Probability and Since You’ve Been Gone — they’re too of my favorite contemps. I seriously need to get to reading all of V.E. Schwab’s books, like, ASAP. I just read Into the Dim yesterday and really enjoyed it, so I hope you will too! Funny it came with a stress ball — you may need it! 😛 A Tyranny of Petticoats looks fabulous also. I’m not big into anthologies either, but if the stories are by the right authors (which it seems these are), I’m game to give them a try. I adore your haul posts, <3!

  3. Javeria says

    Amazing haul! I love both Me Before You and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. Have a great time reading them.

  4. sophia life says

    this is a great haul! i also have been buying books every other day (oops) so i probably need to take it easy for awhile. i need to check out a tyranny of petticoats! i love marie lu & marissa meyer and anthologies that include lots of authors like that. and hamilton is amazing *heart eyes* i love satisfied so much

  5. Nisha Rao says

    this is such a good haul! my personal favorites are A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC + VICIOUS as those are some of my absolute favorite books. i hope you enjoy them <333

  6. Josephine Knight says

    Wow, what a huge haul! This was so great to read, all your pictures are absolutely fabulous and I’m drooling over all the books you acquired! Gosh dang, now I want to go out and buy a ton of books. 😁

  7. Jayvee @ Writer For Misifts says

    Goodness me!!! I always get a little jealous when it’s so easy to trade books and send each other sweet things overseas. I want to trade too but there’s not exactly good titles. ALSO, THANKS FOR THE TROUBLE!!! *dies* I LOVE THE IDEA OF THAT BOOK! And you should read We All Looked Up coz I loved that book!

    I actually had a book buying ban for a year. I borrowed books from my friends. I still couldn’t save coz of so many school expenses :/

  8. The Honest Bookclub says

    Haul posts are most people’s FAVORITES. I know there’s a vocal majority who is dead against them, but – really – no one is forcing us to read anything. We’re here because we LOVE it. And with YOUR EPIC PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS, XAN, it’d constitute some sort of a crime to give them up. This is a vacation for my eyeballs. (And they appreciate it.)

    And, I mean, I get to fangirl about BLOOD AND STARLIGHT! AND V.E. SCHWAB! AND BRANDON SANDERSON! And the Alex Bracken goodies! (I’m that one single DEMON who didn’t really enjoy Passenger, but The Darkest Minds is my LIFE and I’m fangirling on epic scales.)

    – Lexie

  9. Heather says

    The cover for Into the Dim definitely gets better! I hope you like it. Time travel books can be hit or miss, but I think this is definitely a good one.

    A Tyranny of Petticoats looks like it’ll be amazing. I can’t wait til it comes out!

  10. Tiffany says

    Seems like you got a lot of great books! Everyone’s like buying many books on president’s day and I was like, wishing that BookOutlet ships to my country xD I’ve read and loved both The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and Since You’ve Been Gone! If you’re in the mood of contemporary, you definitely should pick it up. Anyway, happy reading! <33

  11. Gwendolyn Burke says

    You get the best mail ever, always. You have some great connections with friends and publishers. Always enjoy your hauls!

  12. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    Steeeeelhearrrrrtttttt. I’m so excited you got it because Reckoners is one of my VERY favorite series (okay it’s also by Brandon Sanderson and you know how I feel about Sanderson books) while fantastic, it’s a little different from his fantasy stuff though so I really hope you enjoy it! I’m also very glad the postcard reached you. 🙂

  13. Alexa S. says

    I genuinely adore seeing your hauls! Your photos are always fabulous, and they have me aspiring to take better ones for myself <3 Also, you've gotten a ton of awesome books this time around! I'm a big fan of Since You've Been Gone, and Me Before You, and I'm also looking forward to reading A Darker Shade of Magic, which I got last month as well! Happy reading! <3

  14. Kyra says

    I love hauls! Your photos are gorgeous and I love seeing all the books people get! I got the Half Bad trilogy to review and I’m super excited to start reading it. Hope you enjoy your new books!

  15. Natalie says

    Hauls are my favourite thing! (I could go into how obsessed I am with watching grocery hauls but I could go on forever so instead I’ll just stick with that). I was never that interested in Me Before You but now I feel like I have to read it because everyone is loving it and I get the feeling that I will too but I am just really scared by it and I have no idea why.

  16. katie says

    I love your hauls!! your photography is always super great and I love seeing what other book people buy so I have some recommendations. definitely going out to buy me before you soon!!

  17. Jackie Harris says

    How do you get free books from publishers? Have they always sent them to you or did you have to hit a certain number of followers first? Did you have to contact them or did they contact you? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m new and could use advice!

    • alexandra @ twirling pages says

      i had to contact a few publishers, but there were also some that contacted me first. i don’t think i had to hit a certain number of followers, and i don’t remember exactly what number it was since for each company it was different. i also think a good amount of the publishers found my instagram account before my blog! hope this helped 🙂

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