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  1. Chloe @ Blushing Bibliophile says

    Hello from Hong Kong! Wow <3 I loved this post.
    I'm not a huge Star Wars fan... (honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between Luke Skywalker and Han Solo :P) but I really enjoyed reading this! I remember playing online dress up games when I was a kid and I always chose blond hair and blue eyes for my avatar 🙈 I watched a lot of Nickelodeon and Disney and back then I thought the girls with blond hair and blue eyes were the prettiest because they're always the most popular girls at school, AND I SO DESPERATELY WANTED TO LOOK LIKE THEM. There's something wrong with the way I thought back when I was younger, and I think it was because I was influenced by the things I saw on TV almost every day.
    WHICH IS ASIAN VISIBILITY IN MEDIA IS SO IMPORTANT. Thank you for writing such a wonderful post about it! <3

  2. BR Kyle says

    I am a huge fan of the Star Wars movies and I loved The Last Jedi. I loved watching the movie, although it did have it’s flaws (I completely agree with you on the pointless romance sub-plot), I liked how they went into the detail about how a lot of the planets that Finn and Rose live on have been exploited, there’s this huge connection between race and class that isn’t acknowledged enough. Great post 🙂

  3. Helia @ Rose Quartz Reads says

    I adored The Last Jedi. I know it got mixed reviews from fans but I thought it was fresh and brilliant and loyal to the franchise whilst also being totally new. Rose Tico and Kelly Marie Tran are absolutely precious and I’m so glad the character was able to connect with you in this way. I’m so sorry for what you went through as a kid – no child should have to feel that way. But I know how amazing it is to see yourself represented in the media. I only saw myself represented on TV for the first time a year ago, and it’s impossible to explain how important that was to me.
    I love that Kelly acknowledges the struggle of not seeing yourself represented. I feel a lot of actors don’t discuss their race or their experience with not seeing themselves in movies and TV and books, which I totally respect. But it’s wonderful to see someone like Kelly who acknowledges the importance of her character and the impact it has on people. Plus from what I have seen in interviews, it is really clear how much it means to her.
    Beautiful post, Haley. I hope we continue to see this positive progress <3

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