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  1. Nabila says

    First off I just want to say that this is an awesome review. Second this book looks so cool. I kind of love destopian sci-fi novels especially when it has something to do with games and a cool female chapter like this. Aweosme post!

  2. hanabilqisthi says

    You are not alone. I am tired with dystopians and I don’t like warcross cover either. Yes, I like the story and how smart Erika. I gave 4 star to Warcross

  3. Tasya @ The Literary Huntress says

    ahh i’m glad you enjoyed it! i absolutely adore legend trilogy, but i haven’t read young elites yet. i also have some reservation about this book, mainly about the dystopian aspect and the cover xD i just don’t like it xD but since the reviews are all amazing, it kinda get my hyped to read it 😀 It sounds awesome though, especially since the mc reminds you of June. Lovely review Xan!


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