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  1. Lais Espacini says

    Good luck on your following competitions! I’m sure you’ll do great.
    And I’m even more interested in podcasts now that you mentioned interviews with authors. I’m definitely going to check that out! I love reading more about authors on their websites/blogs, but a podcast should be even funnier!
    By the way, congratulations on your driver exam!

  2. Kyra says

    Ahh good luck with all the ballet and congrats on passing your driving exam! As soon as we’re settled in a place in the UK I want to start ballet. I took up contemporary ballet for a few months here but I had to stop because of exams and lack of transport and I really miss it! >.<

  3. Laura says

    I absolutely adored A Court of Mist and Fury this month…there are no words for how much I loved it, so I’m glad you liked it so much too! I need to catch up with the Raven Cycle though. I’ve still only read The Raven Boys!
    I’ve actually been really getting into podcasts too recently, so I’ll be sure to check out the ones you mentioned. Personally I’ve been listening to one called the Creative Penn, and I’ve been really enjoying that one.
    I hope you have a good June! 🙂

  4. Anastasia Beckwith says

    I’m starting ACOTAR and ACOMAF this month and I’m so incredibly excited for them! I’ve heard amazing things! Congrats on your ballet!! The Varna IBC is going to be amazing! I wish you all the best in it!! <3

  5. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    Aww I’m slightly sad that you only gave PS I Like You 3 stars! I look forward to a review. My favorite podcast right now is Dear Hank & John because it’s hilarious, but also because I probably idolize Hank and John Green WAY too much haha

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