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  1. Bibliothèque says

    This is an excellent review and discussion! I loved every point you made and I agree on pretty much everything. In particular on how dreamy and out if this world Rhysand is, and I say that being a former Tamlin’s supporter… but ah! how ACOMAF changed that it’s crystal clear. What you said about this something special Feyre’s and her sisters have, well, you are spot on: what are the chances INDEED. Still, I just hope we see all those ships sailing in the next installment, and despite having abandoned Tam’s team (and now being completely in love with Rhysand) I just hope Tamlin sees some redemption in the next one.

  2. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    I also feel like the Elain being Lucien’s mate thing was super random… Plus didn’t Lucien already have a mate??? I don’t really know but the whole “mate” thing is my one main problem with the series. It’s not -fully- explained and just seems super weird to me.

  3. Julia E. says

    This book hit me so hard. I loved it. I was blown away by it. I might die waiting for the next book.

    What amazed me the most was how Maas developed Rhysand. He’s fierce, strong, protective, sexy and a little bit of a dick … but somehow he’s also this amazing, empowering feminist? Mm.

  4. Tiffany says

    I’m so agree on all of this, especially on the Tamlin things! And yes Rhys! I’ a huge feylin shipper at ACOTAR but there’s always this tiny piece that ship feyrhys, and I’m glad it’s right. I’ve always suspected there’s something more in Rhys than what he showed in book one. Also the whole Lucien and Elain being mate is confusing (I’m more into Cassian/Nesta), but since it’s Sarah J Maas we’re talking about, there’s no such thing as random 😀

  5. Courtney says

    Yes! It was absolutely a Beauty and the Beast retelling on top of another Beauty and the Beast retelling! Rhysand was the “Beast” all along! I tip my hat to Ms. Maas. Sneaky sneaky!

    • Kilo says

      No Maas said the second book was a retelling of Hades and Persephone. So Tamlin was definitely the beast.

    • Olivia says

      ACOTAR is actually pretty similar to a Scottish story about Tam Lin who is cursed by faeries and is saved by his true love. There is a pretty good YA book called An Earthly Knight this is about Tam Lin but its more historical fiction/fantasy its good though!

  6. Michely says

    I think that Elain mating with Lucien was random, but it could work out to Feyre’s advantage, because Lucien will want Elain to be safe so he will ally with Feyre’s behind Tamlin’s back. And I read somewhere, that Feyre and her sisters might be somehow related to Myriam (i think that’s her name) and it kinda would make sense. In ACOTAR Amarantha said that Feyre was an ancient fae word, so it may be possible!

  7. Puput @ Sparkling Letters says

    I really really love ACOMAF! But I don’t think I have more thoughts to share since you clearly have written all the reasons why I love this book in a more detailed way than I could ever think 😛 This is such a gorgeous and completely spot-on review!! Thank you very much for sharing ur thoughts 😀 Also, I can’t wait for the third book I think it’s gonna be mind blowing and spectacular!


  8. Shaunna McLaren says

    This post is WONDERFUL. I really don’t have anything to add, since you’ve basically summed up all of my feelings on this book, so I’m just going to say YES. YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE.

    I knew I would love ACOMAF, but I didn’t expect to fall head over heels for it. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I finished the last page. May 2017 needs to get here RIGHT AWAY.

  9. Nessa @ Bookish Nessaㅤ says

    “they are the reason why i will probably never be in a relationship because of overly high expectations sigh” I laughed because same. Haha! I love this post and so true, Elain being Lucien’s mate was kind of random. I even had to read that part again because I wasn’t sure I read it correctly the first time.
    Sarah J. Maas really did end the book well, and I feel like there’s so many things to look forward to in the next book!
    Great review! <3

  10. sminu paul says

    I really loved reading COURT OF MIST AND FURY. I loved rhys from the first book itself , i had this inner feeling that he was doing all that for some reason. i didn’t even like tamlin in the first book. Feyre and tamlin was so different. I wouldn’t accept their love.New characters are so interesting and fun. I hate the changes in lucien’s character. He was her good friend and it changed all of a sudden.
    I really wish next book to release soon…

  11. novelcravings says

    I love that you pointed out Rhysand is the beast in ACOTAR not Tamlin, I thought I was the only one that felt that way. I thought it was Tamlin of course until the end of ACOTAR when I was reflecting and trying to figure out who was who. Feyres father and Belles were both feeble though in different ways. I felt like Alis could be Mrs Potts, her sisters reminded me of the three blondes (yes the number is off) and I could picture Lucien as Lumiere. I knew Maas may never have meant it this way but it was fun to think about. Then I asked myself, who’s Gaston then? IMMEDIATELY Tamlin popped into my head and it felt like it fit. Everyone thought Gaston was great, just like Tamlin, and they both turn out to be kind of awful and both of them want to kill the Beast in the end. All just thoughts and wonderings but thats how I decided Rhysand must be the real Beast. I love that connections that Maas made in ACOMAF, those little delcious ah-ha! moments are what I read for. All of my favourite books have them. That and sassy characters who frequently engage in witty banter LOL

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