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  1. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages says

    Great review! I’m interested in the political family dynamics, with Andie’s father being a politician. Did that play a large role in the character dynamics?

  2. Mara @ Mara Was Here says

    I’ve only ever read one other Morgan Matson book, and that was Since Youmve Been Gone. I definitely loved that book, so I’m hoping I’ll love The Unexpected Everything as well! I love how Morgan Matson writes about relationships in her books – may it be family, friendships or romance. I feel like I can definitely relate to what she says. It seems like The Unexpected Everything is no different, so I’m really excited to start reading it sometime soon!

    Great review, Alexandra!

    (๏พ‰โ—•ใƒฎโ—•)๏พ‰*:๏ฝฅ๏พŸโœง Mara @ Mara Was Here

  3. Jamie @ Books and Ladders says

    This is a great review! I haven’t read a Morgan Matson book but now I want to pick this one up. I like the idea of a list to complete and I really like that you mention it feels a lot like summer because I NEED a good summer read!

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