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  1. Lais Espacini says

    I read your review on that graphic novel and found it to be so interesting. I’m SO MUCH going to check on that. Also, wish you the best luck on the following ballet auditions.
    (Troye Sivan is JAM! Ease is my favorite, by far, but the whole album is amazing!)

  2. Jen says

    I totally feel the busy/boring part of December! For me, it was pretty much hectic studying for final exams of the quarter, but then these last two weeks of the month were super relaxing and a bit boring. I’m sorry you didn’t get as much reading/blogging done as you wanted to! I read A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE this month as well and thought it was so so fun.

    Best of luck with you auditions!! And don’t compare yourself to others – you are where you need to be, and working at your own pace. You’re amazing!!

    And I lovelovelove Troye Sivan’s album as well! Have a lovely month of January, Xan, you deserve it!!

  3. Annie says

    december’s always been my favourite month and NOT just because my birthday’s in december (though that helps). i’ve just always loved how things start to slow down in december and i find, as someone who often struggles to keep up with how quickly time flies by sometimes, the slower pace works very well for me for some quiet reflection and such. i really wanted to go see the nutcracker this year! i know that’s something that a lot of people do every single year but i haven’t gone to it yet so i’m aiming to do so THIS YEAR (because it’s 2016 already omg). also ps your outfit for the nutcracker is SO CUTE. in love with your jacket ok it’s like what i imagine a very chic sherlock holmes would wear. good luck with all your auditions and may january treat you well! <3

  4. Kaylie @ Potterhead Reviews says

    I love Blue Neighbourhood too! It had to grow on me though but now I really enjoy listening to the album.
    I’m thinking of joining the 100 days of productivity challenge when school starts again. I feel like I’ll need all the motivation I can get.
    Congrats on your amazing statistics!

  5. Gwendolyn Burke says

    I think so many of us can feel rushed, busy, hectic in December of any year, not just 2015. Everyone puts so much pressure on themselves and sets expectations that may not be so realistic all the time. You and I are alike with wanting to read all the books and when we don’t read a huge stack of books we feel behind, less than, not accomplished, but look at everything else you had going on. It made my head spin just thinking about it. I was happy to see you giving yourself some slack and noticing that yes you did have so many things going on.

    Sorry Christmas in Las Vegas was a bust. I’ve never been. I am happy your sister is visiting soon.

    Hope 2016 turns out to be an amazing year and if we fall behind on blogging, reading, etc that we give ourselves a break. Joy, happiness, and the best of reading possible in 2016!!

  6. Kyra says

    Aw, sorry December wasn’t the best month for you! You seemed to be really busy and I really hope this month is better than the last. Also, I totally know what you mean about feeling like everyone is moving on and you’re not really, it’s not a nice feeling!

  7. CG @ Paper Fury says

    December tends to be my worth month of the year, so I understand the feels there. UGH to food poisoning and everything smelling like smoke. D: But YAY for 20K followers (!!!) that is so amazing and your photos are so afldjksad gorgeous and perfect, so just a million congrats to you!!
    Good luck with your ballet auditions and figuring all the things out. It sounds utterly nerve wracking. :O BUT YOU GOT THIS. <3

  8. bookishventures says

    Great goals for the month! I’m sure being a ballerina takes a lot of self-control. I’m curious as to what your diet is like. Anyways, hope you reach all your goals for 2016!

  9. Aentee @ Read at Midnight says

    Wow you are slayin’! Congrats on the 20K followers, you deserve every single one bc your photos are so perfect omg. I wish you all the best coming into 2016, both on the ballet stage and off it <3 Continue being awesome!

  10. Ana @ Butterflies of the Imagi says

    Good luck with all of your goals this month, and good luck especially with your ballet. I think it’s great that you’re so serious about it. Also, I love that foam roller. I’m not a ballet dancer but I foam roll for cross country and my friend has a roller just like that. I remember it hurt so badly at first, but I’ve gotten used to that a little more over the years.

  11. Annalisse Strippoli says

    I think your goals for January are great. I hope the auditions go well for you. I love hearing about your ballet adventures. I’ve always been fascinated by dance and wish I had taken more classes when I was younger. Good luck!

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