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  1. Kristin @ Simply Bookish Thing says

    I NEED TO READ THIS! So much hype surrounding this book which personally makes me all the more excited for it! 😀 I’m still thinking of maybe trying to read the Grisha series first? Have you read the Grisha series? If so, do you think it adds just that little bit more to it?

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      i’ve read the grisha series! it certainly helps with understanding the world and it’s pretty cool because there are some references made back to it, but i personally liked this one so much more that i’m not sure if it’s worth reading the it first. it’s up to you! it’d make six of crows a more fun experience, but you need to get through three books before you can get to it. and you don’t HAVE to read it to understand the world in six of crows; it just makes it easier. (:

  2. Beth says

    I didn;t read your review properly because a) I’m a rebel, and b) I don’t really want to be spoiled! (FOR ONCE!!!) I actually managed to snag a free audio book of Six of Crows, but I’ve been a bit dubious about listening to it – I didn’t get on too well with Shadow and Bone, so I’ve been a bit scared that SoC won’t live up to it’s hype either. I’m really glad you enjoyed it though – your review has restored my faith in Leigh Bardugo. Yay!
    Beth x

  3. Zoe @ Stories on Stage says

    AHHH. I’ve heard nothing but glowing things for this book, and your review makes me want it even more! It sounds absolutely incredible, and I love the sound of the wonderful characters and plot. Thanks for sharing Alexandra and, as always, fabulous review! ♥

  4. Tasya says

    I MUST READ THIS SOON! So many hype, so many amazing reviews for this book! I also loved Grisha and Leigh’s writing, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to LOVE the book! And the cover and the black edged pages are BEAUTIFUL. Love you review/fangirling thoughts! x

  5. Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought says

    I have yet to read this book, but so many people said that this book is fabulous! At first I’m afraid that I won’t understand the setting since I haven’t read The Grisha Trilogy too, but now I’m too excited to care 😀 Anyway, great review!

  6. Joharis says

    OH MY GEEE I KNOW I wasn’t really sure about this book in the beginning because a lot of people loved it and most of the times those books are the ones that I end up disliking, but I am SOOOO GLAD I bought it. I’m not like a huge fan of Love & Romance books because they’re all boring, but this one had just like enough love relationship development that I loved it.
    The maps were absolutely astonishing I just kept looking at them.
    JESPER AND WYLAN made me shriek so loudly and oh my god I was dying throughout this book, I recommend it to like everyone


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