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  1. Annie says

    I am still in awe every day of bloggers who manage to post more than once every week because that is still the most I can ever manage and sometimes not even that! But I’ve long since given up on forcing myself to stick to a schedule because it never works to do anything but make me feel bad so now I’m like screw it, I’ll do whatever I want. But the good thing is that by taking a step back, I do feel that when I actually sit down to blog, I’m much more happy to do so.

    Anyway that’s just been my experience. Everyone’s different. Also yay on your arc requests! That’s so awesome, my fingers are crossed for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anddd good luck at your dance competition (hope you recover from your injured hip OUCH) and your permit exam! I’m eligible for mine this year though not sure if my dad’s super into it… But anyway, best of luck with yours!

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      there was one week in april where i’d managed to squeeze in a post everyday and he struggle was too real. i think i’ll try to get something up every other day because that’s not too bad for me i sure hope i get to review those arcs; i requested for my most anticipated book as of right now thanks for all the luck in my arcs, dance comp, and permit exam!!! โค

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