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  1. Annie says

    Rookie is such a great resource for inspiration! I could spend hours on that site though I always make sure to stop myself before I get too carried away. But yeah, any time I’m feeling a little bit down or unmotivated, I’ll just pop over to Rookie and between the writing and the playlists and the crafts and interviews and photography, I just immediately get to feeling all rejuvenated and jumpy! Ted Talks are great too! I listen to music / podcasts a lot when I’m feeling uninspired as well and I read op-eds or other blogs in hopes that something someone else says will get to mentally stimulate me into action!

  2. Topaz @ Six Impossible Things says

    Lovely tips, Alexandra – I especially like the first one. You’re right, cleaning up can do so many wonders for our productivity – I know it’s my go-to method whenever I’m feeling a bit uninspired. Somehow, living in a wonderful, clean space can make our brain clean itself out as well! 😉

  3. Beth says

    Oh, I’ve never heard of Rookie before… I have a feeling I’m going to lose more than a few hours to them tonight! Thank you for the tips – I’ve definitely been feeling down in the dumps and uninspired lately, so this post was so helpful!
    Beth x

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