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  1. Annie says

    it was so nice to catch up with you guys & read about what you guys have been up to! congrats priscilla on choosing a college! also omg i need to finish strong woman do bong soon. i started it awhile ago & was binged the first five eps but then stopped…i have such a short attention span w tv shows but i will pick it up again now that i’m reminded of it! have you heard about / seen the korean version of suits? i started watching us suits on a flight in june and liked it…so now my interest in the korean version of suits has increased by 2x haha. ALSO KAITLIN OMG kris wu hahahahaha i love him so much after i got into exo & my friend introduced me to juice. i haven’t really listened to like that but i LOVE tian di omg. it’s so good. i love his chinese songs!!! just wish it was on spotify tho :'( good luck w your yoga training, xan! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER YOU GUYS!!

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