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  1. vaishnavi says

    My favorite part of summer is just letting go of responsibility and letting a burden off your shoulders *hint hint, school* This includes homework, projects, … The stress is overwhelming, and I feel that in summer you can relax freely without having to constantly rush. Also, friends! 🙂

  2. 🌈Harker🌈 says

    I don’t like summer too too much, mostly because I’m not good with the heat AT ALL, but I do like water parks and summer is the perfect time for them. 🙂

  3. Jasmine says

    I’ll be starting college this fall so my favorite things about this summer will be my last hangouts with friends and vacation with my family!!

  4. Tasya @ The Literary Huntress says

    I totally agree about the books and new beginnings, it’s the time where I can read as much as I like without having to worry about other responsibilities. And as much as annoying school is, I love going back with fresh minds and motivation, even though it will only last for the first month 😂

  5. Alex says

    The humidity always kills me in the summer but I love that my mom is around more often since she doesn’t work in the summer. I truly enjoy spending time with her and the rest of the family. I also like to mess up my sleeping schedule by trying to catch up on shows and books.

  6. Blossoms and Bullet Journals says

    I love summer, and I’m so ready to be done with school lol. My favorite things about summer are probably reading (I totally agree, so much more reading gets done in summer!) and sleeping in 😉

  7. GravityCath says

    tbh I am not the biggest fan of summer as it gets so hot where I live, but I love not having to write papers lol

  8. Alyson says

    my favorite summer memories are the evening drives with friends when we have windows down and music playing through the speakers

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