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  1. Amanda @ Vivalabooks says

    I’ve been reading Sarah Dessen for the longest time too! I’ve been hearing good things about this one, especially with the wedding planning as a backdrop. Sorry you couldn’t connect with the MC. I might have that problem too, but the guy sounds sweet and her books always are enjoyable. Great review!

  2. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages says

    Once and For All is honestly my least favorite Dessen novel to date. I was SO excited for it and I just did not like Louna and how dark the book ended up being- it didn’t mesh well with the wedding planning vibe. However, I too had the B&N special edition and I LOVED the epilogue!

  3. venusaby says

    I’ve never read any of Sarah Dessen’s books but I see them everywhere! Perhaps Once and for All would be a good book to start with 🙂

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