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  1. Annie says

    kaitlin, your photos are GORGEOUS. teach me your tricks please. i loved hearing about your travels…the only complaint i have is that this post was too short :(( also where were all the pictures of the fooooood??? IN ALL SERIOUSNESS THOUGH, i loved this post and love that you took the time to share your adventures with us! i’ve been to china a few times but have only really visited cities so it was so refreshing to see all your pictures of the mountains & forests…sometimes amidst the thousands of skyscrapers in the city, it can be difficult to remember that there are such beautiful natural spaces remaining too! your photo of the great wall is so beautiful!!! it makes me want to go back to beijing and visit it again. when i went, it was really rainy & as we were with a tour group, we were a bit pressed for time so we had only about 45 minutes to explore…not sure where we were but the part of the wall we visited was soooo busy so it wasn’t a great experience. i would love to be able to go back one day too and seek out a quieter part to go to.

    anywayyy, loved this post kaitlin!!!

  2. hopefray says

    your pictures are unlike everything I’ve seen so far (never left europe, that’s probably the reason :).
    anyway, all six pictures are gorgeous kaitlin and I’d love to see even more of your trip.

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