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  1. Emily @ Books & Cleverness says

    Hey Priscilla! We share the same favorite books! I’m pretty obsessed with Jenny Han and OH MY GOODNESS don’t even get me started on the Winner’s Trilogy!! Of course HP forever <3 And I'm such a crier when anything gets the slightest bit emotional! :O As for college apps, just be yourself and try to be original with the essay! Do something that will wake up the admissions people when they get to yours, haha! What are you planning/hoping to study?

    • priscilla says

      hi emily! that’s so awesome that we have the same favorites haha 🙂 what are some of your other favorites?
      thank you for the tips, and i’m planning to study psychology (or maybe neuroscience? or both??)! it’s so hard to be original though :'( i feel like everything interesting has already been written about oops and i don’t really know how to make myself stand out ;; college apps are so stressful haha

  2. Tiffany Chiang says

    YAS KPOP <3 and books! start your college apps early (like during the summer early). you want to lessen the stress on yourself by giving yourself & everyone else enough time to proofread and critique your essays. plus, you want to be able to enjoy your senior year!

    • priscilla says

      ahh okay i’m probably going to start drafting some of my essays during the summer (application season feels so far away but so close at the same time). thanks for the advice! also which kpop groups are you into hahaahah i’m so trash for bts and got7 but i’d love to get into some other groups too!

        • priscilla says

          ohh i haven’t listened to gfriend and actually haven’t heard of ioi! i’ve heard some of seventeen’s songs haha bc some of my friends are really into them. maybe i’ll listen to them some more?
          who’s your bts bias? also what are some of your favorite bts songs? i’m suga/jungkook bias and i love dead leaves, hold me tight, lost, and basically all their songs!

  3. Kyra says

    Hi Priscilla! I LOVED Jenny Han’s Summer trilogy (not sure why I haven’t read TATBILB!), I’ve only read the first book in the Lunar Chronicles but I adored it and, of course, I really enjoyed Harry Potter. I also love Hillsong’s music and I’m a very sensitive/emotional person too! XD

    • priscilla says

      hi! you absolutely neeeeeeeed to read tatbilb! i love it a lot more than the summer trilogy tbh, it’s just so cute and funny and do i even need to mention the FEELS? the lunar chronicles is also such an amazing series! it gets better as the series goes on so you should definitely continue 🙂
      also yay hillsong!! i love their song ocean soooo much haha

  4. Lulu says

    HI PRISCILLA!! i think you sound like an amazing person, and we should fangirl over got7 together <3333 i'm crazy too and I think we will really get along!!! I love a lot of the books that you love too, and my bias in got7 is youngjae!!!! and my second favorite is JB. what about you? :^) you sound super cool and i cant wait to read your blogs!!

    • priscilla says

      hi lulu!! we should definitely fangirl together ;)))) i love jb and bambam so much but youngjae is honestly sooooo adorable and i just love all of them ugh my heart <3333 you should also check out bts!! they're so adorable and their music is amazinggggggggg

  5. Natalie says

    WELCOME PRISCILLA! Yeeeeees all of Jenny Han’s books just HIT ME WHERE IT HURTS. I adored TATBILB too, that entire trilogy just WRECKED ME. I haven’t read any of Kasie West’s books yet but they’re definitely on my list! I’ll be looking forward to seeing more posts from you in the future!

    • priscilla says

      hi natalie!! i’m still dead over that series (it kills me every time i read it :’))) ) but yessss go read kasie west!! i highly highly recommand p.s. i like you <3
      and thank you!! feel free to reach out anytime/anywhere 🙂

    • priscilla says

      ooh yes!! (sorry for the super late reply omg i didn’t see this until now) but yes bts is amazing <333 also i'm STILL watching goblin oops i'm so slow haha


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