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Reader Interactions


  1. Annie says

    you don’t know how much self-restraint i practiced SKIPPING over the spoiler section. usually i’ll spoil books for myself VOLUNTARILY and have no problem with it but i’m REALLY trying hard not to do that with the winner’s kiss. it’s a book i’ve waited for for sooo long which makes me more likely to spoil it for myself but also makes it more pertinent that i don’t?? so hopefully i can get to it soon & then i can read the spoilers and DISCUSS with you! but it’s great to hear you enjoyed it overall! yay!

  2. Nova @ Out of Time says

    omg i actually haven’t read past curse. i have an ARC of crime but never found the time [out of time lol] to read it so hearing you say such amazing things about kiss makes me want to binge read them all like RIGHT NOW. also, like annie, i totally struggled hard with not reading the spoilers because i love spoilers [sometimes i read the last page first!]

    – Nova @ Out
    of Time

  3. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    I also feel like the pacing was bit weird. This third book was like 100 pages longer than the other two but I personally felt like it didn’t NEED to be. I actually didn’t expect the not-killing-the-general thing, but I totally saw the poisoned cards coming. Or well, when she first was painting them I was like “OH POISON” but then they were talking about just painting to cheat and I was momentarily disappointed but then it WAS poison and I was like “Yes!!!!” My favorite thing about this book in the series was definitely all the banter between Roshar and Kestrel and Arin. I feel like the plot arcs of the first two books were much stronger, but that might just be me. Honestly, I’m glad it was a trilogy (and Kestrel/Arin ended up together) but the first book was originally written as a standalone and I WOULD have been satisfied with that too. While I like the conclusion A LOT I also have mixed feelings about it. But I rarely don’t have mixed feelings at the ending of a series.

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