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  1. Amber @bookstacksamber says

    Xandra, this post made me so hungry! I love Korean food but there aren’t any restaurants around here so I have to resort to store-bought kimchi and things I can make at home, like japchae and spicy cucumbers. I made bibimbap once but it took soooo long that it wasn’t even worth it for just one person!

    I love that you chose so many different kinds of characters and people for your tea party, rather than just authors. That makes it much more interesting!

  2. Joy @ For Book's Sake says

    I absolutely loved your book spine poem!! It fit together perfectly 🙂 Also, your tea party sounds fabulous! You got so creative and I enjoyed reading about your party! Hope your LoveaThon is going great <3

  3. Alexa S. says

    i really love your poem! You did an amazing job putting it together <3 I also love your tea party, and will probably crash just to eat and hang out with everyone 😀

  4. Jess @ Princessica of Books says

    Love the poem! Haha, of course you would eat Korean food; I always see it on your Snapchat ;). And yes to Lara Jean Song’s cookies!! I’d invite you of course, Heidi Heilig, and all my blogger friends who live far away!

  5. NicoleLynn says

    Really enjoyed your poem! I’d so crash this tea party all the food sounds delicious, especially the green tea ice cream–yum!

  6. Rebecca says

    Good choice on picking Lara Jean and co. I like the way you think, inviting people who will no doubt bring great food. TATBILB was kind of like delicious torture, wasn’t it? Beautiful spine poetry, too <3

  7. Aneeqah says

    OHHHH my goodness girl, YOU SPOIL ME. May or may not have teared up at the mention of being invited, in company of such aaaaamazing people. I would probably see Cinder and Kai and immediately start crying (I just finished Winter and Stars Above and am still deeply emotionally affected by it lolol). I would also cry seeing Percabeth in person. I would also cry at the sight of all the awesome food (not even remotely surprised by the Korean food, hahaha) and of course THE COOKIES. I love cookies. Basically we could probably have a nice pool party with all the tears I would shed at this party. Yes, I am mad that you didn’t invite the SoC gang (c’mon girl!!!!!) but I mean, I guess I get it. Though Kaz and Inej can steal my food ANY day.

    Also, the book spine poetry was so pretty!! I think there’s a writer in you somewhere 😉 *coughs pointedly*. I love how instead of commenting on the actual poetry you focus on the colors of the picture, hahaha. That’s so you, miss bookstagram queen. 😉

    Can we please make this tea party happen in real life???

  8. Cee says

    You created a lovely poem, Xandra! I especially love the “the fixer stray / though the dark.”


  9. Annie says

    finally catching up with my blog reading and this post was so cute!! your book spine poem is great and bonus points for getting the spines to match too. ALSO OMG XAN THIS TEA PARTY NEEDS TO HAPPEN IRL BECAUSE IT WOULD BE BOMB. also that menu is to die for *insert heart eyes emoji* also just want to say that reading your blog always motivates me to blog more so thanks for that! keep on keeping on 🙂

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