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  1. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    I’m so annoyed. I got into the series a little late so I only have bought the second book. I was going to maybe complete the series and have all three hardcovers but now… Not. It’s really sad. If I buy the book it’ll just be as an ebook now. ๐Ÿ™

  2. beatrice says

    i had always admired the winners series covers, because they proved that you could be badass and still wear a dress…but now…I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ๐Ÿ™

  3. ReadiculousGIrl says

    I will still happily support Marie Rutkoski because I love her books, but I won’t lie, I almost cried when I saw that Macmillan was changing the covers mid-series. I would be TOTALLY fine if it was just a paperback recover, but now my hardcovers won’t match…*weeps* I am also kind of bothered by this movement of “powerful females” on covers, like a girl can ONLY be strong if she’s looking aggressive or holding a weapon on the cover. For some series (Sarah J. Maas), that works, but what was so great about Kestrel (and the dress covers) was that she was dressed in silk and frills while still looking cunning and like a survivor. I am all for empowering women, but girls can be just as fierce wearing dresses as a leather get-up.
    Okay, now that I’ve ranted, I’m am going to go weep into my pillow.

  4. Seline says

    I’m SO devastated about the cover change, I’m such a huge cover and hardcover snob. Seeing your post today was how I found out about the cover change, it makes us as a community furious not only because it’s the last book, but, because it wasn’t don’t as paperbacks. now, this pisses me off, I have to say. No matter what I buy hardbacks. I can’t stand paperbacks unless it’s the only format for some authors (Colleen Hoover). This design is really not that great, I was OBSESSED with the covers from before, and I hate that they’re changing it!!!

  5. Beth says

    OH!!! Now I’m sad… those covers were beautiful and original and perfect, and now they’re just… the same old covers you’ find on any YA fantasy book. I kind of don’t want to involve myself in the series any more. (Is that a tad over dramatic?)
    Beth x

  6. Gwendolyn says

    I was definitely sad by the change too. You seemed to lay out all the important points as I did as well. It seems that most everyone is on the same page as far loving the original covers and not understanding the reason for the change. To be I feel if they were honest about why there is a cover change (money, artist thing, etc.) people would have respected the decision more. The similarities though are just bad.

  7. Laura says

    Didn’t they say the new covers are just the new paperback edition? I hope so, because honestly these covers are hideous. Well, as long as I can still buy my hardcover fancy old edition I don’t mind it. Can someone please tell me if we can still get the old hardcover edition or they’re only going to sell the new ones from now on? I am desperate.

    • Belinda says

      Unfortunately, they’ve officially stated The Winner’s Kiss hardcover is going to have the new cover, along with the paperbacks.

  8. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    I’m so so soooo angry at this cover change and I can only hope that Australia does come out with the last book or else I’M GONNA BE DEVASTATED. I hate the new covers. I can’t even….gah, I just think they look cliche and kind of like some sappy adult romance? And I’m monstrously angry at that deleted Fierce Reads tweet. HOW DARE THEY SAY DRESSES ARE NOT BADASS. Also Kestrel doesn’t actually go around smacking people in the face. She’s not that kind of character. 0_0 She isn’t Katniss or Tris….so zomg, I don’t understand why they’ve done this. It feels sexist. And those original covers are some of my favourite of eeeever. OKAY I JUST GOTTA GO CRY NOW.

  9. Shannelle says

    My heart is broken forever, and I don’t know if they’ve even seen the reaction to the covers where it’s being compared to the TOG covers. It wasn’t until I saw that did I get why I was so bothered by the covers to begin with. And I didn’t even know they tweeted that. God forbid a girl be badass while looking pretty in a dress.

  10. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages says

    I completely agree with you, I will not be buying the last book in the series because it completely throws off my entire cover collection! These new covers are really a let down. I found the dress covers very appropriate for Kestrel, because she was a privileged member of the upper class who mostly engages in the plot with cunning and tactical conversation, social politics, and plotting. Her dress is a status symbol of how she is able to be a protagonist AND not have to wield a physical weapon to be strong. I’m extremely disappointed with this choice. I feel like it’s mainly trying to piggyback on the success of series like “Throne of Glass.”

  11. Tasya says

    Okay wow the original covers are BEAUTIFUL, and I don’t like the new covers AT ALL. Whattt?? Not badass enough? Tessa Gray, Isabelle Lightwood, America Singer, and Genya Safin are badass. I personally think the now covers aren’t original, they have Throne of Glass vibes for me. THE NEW WINNER’S CURSE COVER IS BASICALLY CROWN OF MIDNIGHT GUYS. Winner’s Crime is Assassin’s Blade, and Winner’s Kiss is Throne of Glass. smh.

  12. Stephanie@ThesePaperHearts says

    UGH I hate when publishers change covers mid series! I remember how mad I was when they did this for the last book in the Lux series >_> I haven’t read The Winners Curse series yet, but I do own the first book. I really don’t like these new covers, especially in comparing them to how beautiful the originals are ๐Ÿ™

  13. Natalie @ Flowers in my Books says

    I was soooo disappointed to see the cover change! I absolutely adore the original covers and actually the covers are the reason why I was so drawn to the series in the first place.

    I don’t like the cover changes of the first two books at all but I must say that I don’t really mind the last one, it could be worse, I guess.

    And them saying that Kestrel didn’t look badass enough really pissed me off, I had to take a few calming breaths before scrolling on my twitter feed again. WOMEN IN DRESSES CAN BE BADASS.

  14. Gavotte says

    I know right, having a book that isn’t matched with the others makes something in my brain itches too. That’s why I always buy them late. But it seems the UK version’s cover won’t change to the new ones. I hope it can help!

    And haha yeah, to the 3rd book tagline. I found myself kind of speechless at first, too.

  15. Zoe @ Stories on Stage says

    This makes me so angry. I absolutely adored the original covers for the series, but these just don’t feel like they match the series.

    What I love about Kestrel is that she proves that intelligence and strategy are as powerful and dangerous as knives and swords (kind of like Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series), which is why I’m disappointed that they’re trying to conform her to seem like a knife-wielding badass when that simply doesn’t match her personality.

    I’m definitely going to still read it though. (I mean, after the cliffhanger at the end of Book 2, how could I not?!) Thanks for sharing though, and fabulous post! ♥

  16. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity says

    Okay, so I’ve been really behind in bookish news with my not blogging for a couple of weeks, but this is one piece of news I have heard about and I was shocked. I am pretty sure the covers aren’t changing in the UK so I am insanely excited about that (my covers need to match or I will hurt someone) but I hadn’t heard all the background you’ve put on and I am shocked at the reasoning behind it. I’ve heard of publishers changing covers because they want to relaunch a series and stuff like that, but because the dresses didn’t seem badass enough? That’s crazy. I don’t tend to hear as much about bookish things like this because I prefer to avoid the drama, but don’t you feel like sometimes there are a couple of idiots at a publishing house who shouldn’t be allowed to be let lose on things? I think it’s probably that they wanted to get on or off a cover bandwagon somewhere and they have just gone about it in completely the wrong way, but we shall see what happens I suppose

  17. Sharu says

    Why do they do stuff like this. !! My OCD just blows up if I have the entire set, but it still doesnt match!! Why!?! The Red lush gown cover reveal was good enough for me , and it MATCHED! *sobs*

  18. Aila @ One Way Or An Author says

    Lmaoo I’m honored to be the first Tweet featured! ๐Ÿ˜€
    But seriously, that news just upsetted my day! I’m also quite sorry that the author had to go through that. I’m sooo happy that Macmillan listened to readers though, and are still releasing the originally-planned cover for book 3 in hardcover. Hip hip hooray for this publisher!

  19. Emily @ Mixed Margins says

    I haven’t read this series, but I still agree with everything you have said. The original covers are beautiful. And she’s badass BECAUSE she’s wearing a dress. Girl power! Why do girls have to look like boys to be tough? THEY DON’T.

    And those taglines are gross.

  20. Liz Brooks says

    Oh dear, I was mentally freaking out the whole time I was reading this post, and then I got to that list bit you added and I remembered to breathe again. Seriously, I am so obsessive about book covers, it isn’t funny, and changing a book cover scheme mid series, especially to something that’s just of lesser quality all over, is pure betrayal. And the girl in the redesigns looks, if anything, less badass.

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