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  1. Lara says

    Looks like you read some amazing books this month! I haven’t read any of them yet because of how busy I’ve been, but I definitely have plans to read them asap!

  2. Jen @ Books and Other Happy Ev says

    GIRL YOU READ SO MANY GOOD BOOKS IN OCTOBER WTF I’M JEALOUS. But good luck with your performances in November!! You’ll do great <3 I&#039m currently reading Carry On and it&#039s taking me a long time since it&#039s so long but I&#039m realllyyy enjoying it. 🙂

  3. Kaitlin @ Next Page Please! says

    My October was pretty okay! Shows came back on (EXCITEMENT) and trimester was ending this month (meaning: PROJECTS THAT ARE DUE ON THE SAME DAY AHHHH). Halloween was yesterday and I got so much candy! *cries bc omg the amount of candy I will be eating* I also got to attend two signings which was very fun for me! November will be a focus on NaNoWriMo so I won’t be doing much reading and definitely not much blogging. Thanks for sharing your month and I am excited for your audition! I know you will make it 😉


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