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  1. annie says

    obviously i’m gonna be ENDLESSLY sad when this series is over because i will never ever get enough of your recaps in new york and your gorgeous pictures of FOOD and all your awesome ballet updates – something that i know nothing about but really fascinates me in the way a new country does. like totally unfamiliar but glittery and shiny and interesting!

    loved your pictures from the whitney! forever on my to-do list for when i FINALLY visit new york. also the pictures from your photoshoot are gorgeous! (also how do you do that omg).

    AND BIG GAY!! so pleased their ice cream was good!

    CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR LAST UPDATE. (also this is how i am with my journal. i’ve been back in toronto for like one week already, yet i’m still two weeks behind with my journal so i need to catch up!)

  2. Jen @ Books and Other Happy Ev says

    ALEX YOU ARE SUCH A GORGEOUS PERSON. Dude so true about Sephora though. And giiiiirl doing your eyebrows WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I decided to touch them up for the first time ever in June and my life is actually changed. I just pluck and use Anastasia Brow Wiz and it works wonders!! I’ve been loving your Welcome to New York posts, you rock <3


  3. Isha @ Two Sisters Bloggin' says

    alex i’m so heart eye emoji over your photos! i really really want to go to new york now ah. plus your pictures from your mini photoshoots wow you’re so flexible! one day i’m going to see you perform live, or when you’re headlining or the lead ballerina in a show and i’ll be your number one fan!

  4. Alysia says

    This was such a cute series of posts!!! It was awesome to see your experience through the summer plus I’ve acquired a list of places to go myself when I visit NYC one day, haha. 😀 And you’re blog is super cute, I’m glad I managed to find it!!

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