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  1. Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life says

    Alexandra, I’m so excited to hear about your New York adventures!! It sounds like your having a fabulous time! It’s so awesome that you were able to meet up with your sister and spend some time with her. And a new apartment! With AC!! This sounds like great news. Although, the oversleeping definitely does not sound fantastic, haha. I ALWAYS oversleep when I take a nap, though, so I totally feel you.

    I’m jealous that you got to go to Books of Wonder!!! That place has the most epic author events, so hopefully you’ll get to go to even more while you’re in NY. I got to meet Sonya and Dhonielle when they came to my area a few weeks ago and they are so nice! I totally want a copy of The Night We Said Yes, ugh.

    I wish I was in NYC so we could meet up *sobs endlessly*. I hope you have an awesome time and become the best ballerina EVAH! <33

  2. Annie says

    GIRL YOU ARE LIVING THE DREAM. living in new york for five weeks and training at ABT. WHAT. Even though I am absolutely uneducated when it comes to fancy ballet terms (though i pick a bit from my friend who does ballet) it all sounds super sophis and awesome and i am so proud of you!!! again i repeat that when you become a principal dancer at abt i will be there in the crowd watching you 100% and will be proud to say that i know a famous ballerina. your pictures are amazing as ALWAYS and i loved reading about your recap. ALSO APPRECIATE THE TITLE. have a fab five weeks in ny alexandra!! and also you make me feel bad about my lifestyle choices. i should go for a jog…. ok anyway loveee youuuu and hope you have a fabbb time and lots of lovee xoxo annie

  3. Isha says

    Pictures are absolutely perfect, as always! It’s alright that you haven’t been updating us with anything book related since you’ve been busy. Think of it this way, you’re focusing on dance related stuff at the moment and it’ll benefit you in the long run since it’s something you want to do in the future. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay there!

  4. chae says

    ahhh! it’s okay that you haven’t been doing any book-related things because you are a dancer! (plus, you did go and visit the strand.) congrats on getting in violet! you are really are something xandra! best of luck with your future events!<3
    p.s. i can&#039t wait to see all of your monthly recaps.

  5. Nova @ Out of Time says

    Sorry, couldn’t help but BLAST Tay Swift to this <3

    I love that you got to explore too before the program started and how you went to a signing! That&#039s awesome. I hope you have a great time learning all sorts of dance because I can&#039t dance so I&#039m living through you!

    THE FOOD PICS THO [lets be real – that&#039s the reason I like to visit your blog. Also the books. and the blog.]

  6. Natalie @ Flowers in my Books says

    This all sounds so incredible! It must be like living a dream HAHA. I’ve never been to New York (Actually, I’ve never been to America) but it’s on my bucket list to live there for a few months, either with friends or just alone to do my own thing.

    Congrats on getting into Violet! I used to do Ballet when I was younger but it turned out to not really be my thing (too disciplined for a girl who just wants to wave her arms and jump around like crazy – guess I’ll stick to gigs).

    The Strand! So beautiful!

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