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  1. Annie says

    i tried blogging every day a long time ago as well and it didn’t work. how do bloggers do it? because it was just wayy too much for me. at this point im feeling pretty ok with my one post every seven days or so. good luck with your ballet competition and have a good june!

  2. Cee says

    Oooooh, congrats to moving to self-hosted! Isn’t it just fabulous?

    Go with the flow! Blog when you want to, and if it means only have three posts a month, so be it! It’s your blog! (But if you want to blog more regularly, go with at least two times a week.) I tried blogging every single day, and I could not do it. It requires focus, which I don’t have since I’m a mood writer/reader. ;D


    Good luck

  3. Nova @ Out of Time says

    If I could dance, I would. But I can’t so I just watch others who can ๐Ÿ˜‰ So have a great time at comp!

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH IT HURTS. Everything about the design is just so gorgeous. Goals. OMG.

    I haven’t read The Wrath and the Dawn but that quote was something!

  4. Sarah W says

    this post really caught my attention because KDRAMAS AND KDRAMAS + KPOP = LIFE AMIRIGHT
    okay i’ve also watched my love from another star and a kdrama i would really recommend I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio.. have you watched any of those?
    OH AND I REALLY LIKED DREAM HIGH <3 omg kim pil suk (played by IU) and jason are SOO CUTE TOGETHER
    glad to know there&#039s another book+kdrama/kpop lover out there :)))
    thanks, sarah XD

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      I WATCHED PINOCCHIO AND IT’S ONE OF MY FAVES <3333 jongsuk and shinhye are goals. i still haven't finished dream high (ughhhh) but i'm getting there! pilsuk and jason are so so so adorable. it's especially cute when jason's like, "to be clear, i'm not into you" when he does something like fly back from japan earlier because he's worried about her or when they go watch that movie together. all the feelingssss.

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