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  1. Tamara Nelson-Fromm says

    This is super similar to my bucket list for authors to meet! Well, I’ve already managed to meet Marie Lu and Brandon Sanderson, (and was in the same theater as Rick Riordan 😉 ) but I super want to meet John Green and Alexandra Bracken and maybe actually interact with Riordan. Steifvater actually does events near me often but I always seem to miss them for other things!

  2. Annie says

    oh yes rainbow rowell seems like such a sweet person! i really enjoy her books and she’s hilarious on twitter. and i haven’t actually read any of tahereh mafi’s books but i love her so much just from twitter (and all her cute tweets about ransom) and her blog like i actually am in love with her and want to meet her even though i haven’t read any of her books?

    also yess maggie stiefvater. and I KNOW HER LAST NAME IS UNKNOWN TO ME. my friend says it steef-vaider but i say steef-vahder so … i’m not sure? but darn me if i never get to meet her because the raven boys is one of my favourite series.

    ALSO TAVI YES TAVI. she is everything i want to be in life. she is funny. she is smart. she is inspiring. and she’s friends with taylor swift!!! it’d be such a problem meeting her though because i would probably talk on and on because i feel like were best friends through rookie & her twitter and she’d just be like who’s this strange girl?

    i put mindy kaling on my list too because i mean, she wrote a memoir… so like that definitely counts and also i love her.

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      yes! rainbow rowell’s tweets make my day. and i don’t find it weird at all that you haven’t read tahereh’s (another name i can’t pronounce) books but would still love to meet her. i felt the same way with maureen johnson and her tweets, except i ended up reading a short story by her (which was awesome!).
      maggieeeee, please tell us how to pounce your last name. i say stie-fvater or steef-vahter but i’m 500% sure it’s wrong. the raven boys is also one of my favorite series!
      TAVI IS GOALS! i agree completely with that entire fangirling paragraph about tavi. i really feel like i know her because of rookie and everything. i always look forward to the editor’s letter on rookie because tavi’s writing is <333
      and of course mindy kaling counts as an author, among many other things. 😉 i haven't read her memoir yet. is it good?
      thanks for commenting!! 😀

  3. Dannie says

    I would like to meet Rick Riordan too! And the queen J.K. Rowling! *O* Btw, I think Magiie’s last name is pronounced as Steef-va-ter 🙂

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