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  1. Honestly, I relate to this. Last year, I noticed I just wasn’t reading YA as much as I used to and it really made me not want to blog or anything. There’s this idea I had in my head that if I didn’t blog about YA no one would care. I ended up taking a year hiatus and I think I read a whole 3 books during that time? Even coming back, I still am not super in love with YA BUT now that I’ve read some non-YA I appreciate the YA more. Like the ease and fun of YA books. Does that make sense? Lovely post by the way!

  2. I totally feel you on not reading as much YA as I used to. YA used to be basically the ONLY thing I would read, but I’ve diversified my reading so much in the last few years. Now I’m reading more adult fiction, specifically romance, but I still have some YA thrown in there. At first I started feeling guilty for not reading YA as much, but now I’m okay with the amount I’m reading, and what I’m reading.

  3. I’ve noticed that my reading tastes have changed as well. I still read YA and I still love YA, but I find that I have been reading more Adult novels this year when I hardly read them before this year at all. Prior to this year I also hardly ever picked up a contemporary book, but this year they have dominated my TBR. I think that, for me, the changes are mostly due to being a huge mood reader this year. I find that contemporaries are easier and quicker to read than my normal fantasy books and my mind has needed that lately. Another factor is just simply getting older. Tastes do change when you get older so I suppose reading tastes are bound to change like anything else. =)

  4. As soon as I saw the title of this post I knew I had to click and read immediately because I actually wrote a similar post awhile back! I’m totally with you, YA really defined and shaped me but I am definitely moving away from it nowadays and shifting into more genres (for instance, I read a lot more mystery/thriller titles than I used to, I’ve read the genre for almost as long as YA but never as much until now).

  5. I relate to this so much! The past year I’ve started really enjoying non-fiction. I went through a phase where I read a lot of graphic novels too. I’m also looking at reading more adult fiction now which is exciting!

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