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  1. Keriian says

    I died several times reading the book, Jason is not my favorite character and I was really upset because of the no Percy PoV but it was an amazing book. My one big dissapointment might be I was expecting all seven demigods fight Gaea, not just Jason, Piper and Leo, but I can live with that. My guess is Rick Riordan will published some books like Demigods Diaries and Files. I want to know if Leo got back! and more Nico/Will.
    Nico PoV was the best!

  2. Danielle says

    oh my goodness I am such a Percy Jackson fangirl and when I saw the Percy didn’t have a POV in BOO I was heartbroken.

    I am absolutely obsessed with your blog it is so pretty! (pink is my favorite color)

    I also saw that you are sixteen years old and a dancer. I will be 16 in about 2 months and I have been dancing for 13 years now! I do ballet, tap, jazz, and kickline. Isn’t that funny how similar our interests are? We should totally talk sometime.

  3. Krista Fernandez says

    I haven’t read the this series because like you, I ONLY want the THREE!! I only want to read Percy’s adventure! But someday, I think I’ll be able to read this.

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