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  1. Helia @ Rose Quartz Reads says

    This is a wonderful list, Madeline! I love love love Radio Silence, and I seriously need to re-read it, along with all of Alice Oseman’s other books. She is definitely my favourite contemporary author. Have you read her graphic novel, Heartstopper? It’s unbelievably adorable and I’m excited every time she does an update.
    I also need to read King of Scars, but I’m saving it for whenever I get the chance to re-read all the other Grisha books because I know I would have forgotten everything. I am also 90% sure I saw Leigh Bardugo confirm in a tweet that Nina is Bi which is makes me very happy. We need more casual queer rep in fiction, and generally need more queer rep in fantasy because the genre is still unfortunately lacking in diversity.
    If you do get your hands on Proud I really recommend it! All of the stories in that anthology are so hopeful and heartwarming and I keep recommending it to my queer friends because it’s very validating. I don’t read a lot of anthologies but this one was a joy to read.
    Have a lovely pride month 🌈


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