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  1. Aneeqah says

    Xan!!! I think you did an extraordinary job reading two books (also Empire of Storms I’ve heard is freakin ginormous so that definitely counts for like 2.5 books, mmkay??). I also loooved the midnight start mood board!! Your aesthetic, as usual, is stunning. I’m so excited that you’re pumped for October. I definitely think that the changing of the month has been so refreshing and motivating! I know you’ll slay this month. <33 also, one my goals totally needs to be "do more, think less". I can't even explain how much time I waste thinking about things that I would like to do. I feel like if I just went for what I want, it would get done so much quicker! So go get em. <333

    happy October!

  2. Maha @younicornreads says

    EMPIRE OF STORMS is hella big, so it counts as two books, okay? also don’t worry about how many books you read, that’s totally okay. the only fact that you READ is amazing.
    honestly all i want to do in october is to be as invested in the book community as i was before (i mean as i was this summer). with all the drama, fights, spoilers and hate, i’ve taken a step back from this community. but now that (i think) everything has calmed down, i really want, really hope to come back.
    also, it’s been soooo long that i’ve commented one of your posts (i’m always reading them, though), so hiiii *waves*.

    – maha @ younicorn reads

  3. Kyra says

    Ah don’t stress about reading 2 books (which is still very good!), I also only read a couple but I know that reading can become pressurised when you see other bloggers reading like, 20 books a month XD I hope you have a BRILLIANT October – I’m sure it’ll be fantastic! 🙂

  4. Sincerely Gisselle says

    Such a great post! You’re funny. SCYTHE sounds like a very interesting book, glad to see your rating for it, maybe I’ll ready sometime soon. Good luck on your goals for this month! xo

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