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  1. Camila @ Boricuan Bookworms says

    July is going to be pretty exciting for me, I hope! I’m going to California. I haven’t been there in years so I’m so thrilled to be going back! Hopefully I’ll take lots of pictures and eat some great food.

    Awesome post Xan, gonna go see your new video now <3

  2. Dana@The Unprinted Protagonist says

    June was a pretty good month for me. I graduated from high school, went to the beach with my friends many times, read books, finally got back to blogging after a really long hiatus, etc. I’ve been loving the idea of starting a vlog, but I’m so self-conscious about talking in front of the camera. Good luck in Bulgaria!

  3. Jess @ Princessica of Books says

    I watched your room tour and I ADORED it! I’m so glad you did it & I look forward to the rest of your videos, especially your Bulgaria vlogs ;). It seems like you had a really busy June & you have a busy July in front of you so good luck with that. Let me know how your performances go!

    Jess @ POB!

  4. Lais Espacini says

    I loved your room tour! I’m a bit obsessed with bedroom decorations and yours is pure goals! I definitely encourage you to continue youtube-ing. Although it may be a bit uncomfortable right now for you to talk to a camera, I think you can improve a lot with time.
    By the way, good luck with all your schedules next month!

  5. Rebekah @ Wings Made of Words says

    Aw, those donuts are adorable! I watched your room tour and it was so good! I love your room and I hope you post more videos. Good luck with all your ballet performances – I’m sure you’ll do great <3

  6. Aubrey's Book Nook says

    Aww your room is so cute and I love your walls. I am currently redecorating mine and my walls seem so bare. I read Second Chance Summer last year and really liked it. I’ve been wanting to read Heartless. You said it wasn’t very engaging? Was it still good?

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