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  1. Beth says

    I read this last month, and I do agree with you, Xan. It started off great, but then it just felt like it was missing something to me. And I really didn’t like the way that Maddy treated her mum in the end – if you’ve spent your life being treated differently because you’re ill, you should understand that mental illness like Maddy’s mum had is an all consuming thing. I just hated the lack of compassion, you know?
    Beth x

  2. Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic says

    Aw, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t love this, Xan! It’s so disappointing when a book starts amazing but then goes downhill from there. I’ll be reading this shortly and I had quite high expectations but I’ve heard the ending is a bit iffy, so I’ll be prepared for that. Wonderful review!

  3. isha @ two sisters bloggin' says

    i forgot the name of the love interest lol but i feel like we didnt get to know him that well besides that his family is fucked up. and then that super unrealistic part when she just got a credit card and went to hawaii like……. the illustrations, diary entries and IMs were really enjoyable though. im sorry you didnt love it as much! reading your review made me realise i should’ve given this a 3.5 rating instead of a four.

    xxx isha

  4. Jen @ Books and Other Happy Ev says

    ahhh i remember seeing your goodreads updates for this and i got SO EXCITED that you were reading this! i read it a while ago and fell in loooove with it. tbh, i didn’t notice all of these plot holes that you did! for me, i just kind of flew through it. maddy and olly’s romance is super cute though. thanks for your honest thoughts, xan!!

  5. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    OMG THANK YOU FOR POINTING OUT ALL THOSE PLOT HOLES THOUGH BECAUSE…YES. ARgh. I spent 99% of the book so angry because I thought the plot holes were blatantly stupid. I mean, a lot of them made sense afterwards but were still kind of unrealistic??!! Plus I just want to know how it could stand on that ending…Maddy is like 18 with no money, job or life skills and suddenly she’s living on her own in a HEA with Olly??! And how could her nurse say “yeah go to Hawaii, have a good life!” and just condemn her to “death” like that?!!? LIVING LIFE DOESN’T MEAN GOING TO HAWAII OMG. Argh. This book made me too mad. >_>

  6. Rachel says

    I’ve been debating picking this book up for awhile but now I’m even more on the fence lol
    Also I love the layout of your blog, especially the little rating report at the bottom, such a good idea!

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