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  1. isha @ two sisters bloggin' says

    i have yet to see paper towns at the cinemas! i didn’t enjoy paper towns (book) that much but i am hoping i’ll love the film. i mean nat wolff is my fave so i cannot not watch it. and oh ansel elgort has a cameo in it? am i the only one who’s not swooning over him hahah man he’s so overrated but thats probably just me.great movie review, alex <3333

  2. Serena says

    I saw Paper Towns at an advanced screening and I really enjoyed it! There were a few changes from the book, but I agree that they were necessary!

  3. Theresa @ Until We Read Again says

    Nice movie review! 🙂 I have not seen the movie yet. I was a little disappointed in the novel. I still love John Green but I think I had such high expectations for this novel and they were not met. BUT I am really looking forward to the movie. I think the story will translate really well as a movie. I think the characters will come across more likable and I think I will enjoy it a lot more than the book. I am really glad you enjoyed it and thought it was the best movie adaptation of the year! That sounds promising. Great review!! 🙂

  4. Emily @ Forever Literary says

    I agree with this review so much! The best thing about John Green’s stories is that they manage to be hilarious, unique, and entertaining while still being realistic. And I understand why some people don’t like reading about real-life scenarios, but I absolutely do, and John Green’s are some of the best.

    Speaking of this author, I absolutely loved your comment on my open letter to John Green haters! All the John Green comparisons can get slightly irritating, but it’s not a reason to get mad at HIM. 🙂

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