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  1. This is such a great post idea! Happy 21st!! I’m already kind of getting the same way?? I’m turning 19 soon and it seems like a big deal but mainly cause I’ll be going off to college and such. I actually did ballet for about 1-2 years when I was super young (around when you started I think?) and I remember it being super intense – probably why I quit. I also got into fanfic around the same age as you (it was also a sort of coping mechanism because i had moved and was experiencing online schooling alone so I was super lonely during this time…) it also made me throw my writing out into the world for the first time which is scary eeek! The online community from fandoms to books to writing and now a mix between all of them have pretty much made me the person I am today. It was so cool reading about your life experience through this post. I wish you the best!

    • omg i feeeeel. i remember turning 19 and feeling like it was such a Big Thing. and fan fic is so great!! there were so many ups and downs during that time and it really helped so much. i def feel the whole internet culture shaping who you are thing :”) hope you have a wonderful birthday!! (whenever the time comes haha)

  2. Happy birthday! This was such a lovely post. :’) I turned 20 in February and it was SO WEIRD – I’m no longer a teen?? I hope you have a wonderful year of being an official adult! XD

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