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  1. kalistaaputri says

    omg yes listen to kpop !! would recommend EXO because their songs are just SoOOOOoOo good (new album just released last month, don’t mess up my tempo) because it’s unique and the members have their own charms which will make you fall in love with them :’))) good luck for college, i’m sure Brown is ready to welcome you and don’t be burdened doing things that you like !!

  2. The Book Prophet says

    I can help you with K-Pop haha. I recommend EXO, Monsta x, and Seventeen as they’re my favorite 🙂 I also recommend Red Velvet, Mamamoo, and NCT. However, a few newer songs in the K-Pop world you might like are: Help Me by Nu’est W, EXO’s new album, Lay’s new album (technically it’s mandopop but he’s a member of EXO, this is his solo album. there’s songs in chinese and english versions too), I Love You by EXID, and Fiance by Mino. I like Billie’s new song too. Gets me in the holiday mood haha. OH! A member of Red Velvet (Wendy) did a song with John Legend called ‘Written in the Stars’.

  3. Tasya @ The Literary Huntress says

    Welcome back Madaline! I always wanted to try cross-country, it seems tiring but lots of fun! Hm, I love listening to K-Pop but I’m not really well versed in them… I feel like many of them have similar type of music?? I think Blackpink in general is similar with 2NE1, but maybe you can browse around Spotify for k-pop playlist 😀 (I highly recommend kpop daebak and best of kpop hehe). I heard amazing things about If We Were Villains, it’s constantly compared with The Secret History (and Vicious, on that matter), so I think you’ll love it!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

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