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  1. Happy blogaversary!!
    Hhmm, what blog post would I like? Reading your Q&A, I’m thinking of posts about book vs movie adaptations (what parts were well done, which weren’t, if it sticks true to the spirit of the book, etc), joint reviews about books you’ve recommended to one another, maybe posts where you try trips/recipes/clothes/activities/etc inspired by books (like, say, Kaz is an expert lockpick: you could try your hands at it! or Tarot readings, like the the women at 300 Fox Way, things like that)…
    – Reese

  2. “tell us what type of blog posts you’re hoping to see in the future!” Fun and informative posts that tell me things that surprise me!

  3. I’d love to see more about your music tastes!! Like the playlist book tag could be one way to do this, or playlists for your current reads or favorite books 🙂

  4. I would love to see more wrap ups and stuff about the books you guys have read! also bookshelf stuff i guess? But I just love your blog overall so much ahhh

  5. Congrats in your 4-year blog birthday! I really like the q+a blog posts because they’re a little more personal, and pretty interesting! Also, maybe posts inspired by books- I feel like those would be super cool

  6. Congrats on year 4! I’d love read a blog post about traveling to some places that featured in the book or in the book adaptation. It would be fun to read and also inspiring 😀

  7. Congrats on 4 years, thats awesome~! I love reading reviews of books you’ve all read and I like seeing travel/food posts as well!

  8. Yass Six of Crows will forever be my favourite YA book. Congratulations on your blogersary!

  9. COngratulations!
    And I’d love to see more discussions about books, anr more diverse recs ^^

  10. yayyy congrats on 4 years!!! eeek i’m reading crazy rich asians right now and am trying to fly through it as fast as i can so that i can see the movie. hope for many more years of this blog <3

  11. Congrats on 4 years Alexandra! I think it would be cool to see playlist posts based on books. Kinda like how JEnny Han made a playlist for TATB! Thanks!!

  12. i started by following alexandra on instagram a couple years ago and only thanks to my newest obsession with ‘to all the boys i’ve loved before’ youtube recommended me the super cute and aesthetic videos of yours. it’s love at first sight, i must confess. i identify with your visions a lot. i myself started a blog eight years ago (already?) and what really kept me going was the fact i was doing it for myself: to have a hobbie, to know people, to grow as a person and learn how to leave my precious shell. so thank you for your passion, your beautiful words and works and unique personality.

  13. Congratulations for reaching 4 years! Yayy! I’d love to see more aestethic pictures, book reviews, and book recs! :))

  14. Congratulations on 4 years. Most of the books on my to read list are because of your reviews. Looking forward to discover more amazing books. 🎉💖

  15. Congratulations! 4 years is such a huge achievement, I can only hope I can stick with it for that long!

  16. More book recommendations, and TAGS, please, I really enjoy reading them! Congratulations on FOUR AMAZING YEARS! ♥ ♥

  17. I really love TATBILB 😍😍 Oh and Eleanor and Park is also one of my favorites. Sorry you both didn’t like it though. And thank you for this amazing GA!! Also, more tags and pictures and reviews please!! I love all your photos 😀

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