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  1. Kristy Petree says

    Thanks for the chance. 🙂
    I forgot to put my favorite cruel characters, oops! Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles, President Snow from The Hunger Games, and Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter (I can’t help it; I like pink and I love cats lol). Thanks!

  2. Missy says

    I’m in love with Sebastian/Jonathan from Mortal Instruments! He is one of my all time favorite characters, he’s the “bad guy” but HE IS FASCINATING!!!!

  3. Aila says

    y’all, this list is *kisses fingers* Adelina is my main, Kaz is my second, but honestly Jude takes the crown for this question. I adored her in The Cruel Prince AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR HER TO GET WHAT SHE DESERVES IN THE SEQUEL (YESSSS). Wonderful post! (And I LOVE the addition of Sharpay LMAO)

    – Aila @ One Way Or An Author

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