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  1. Ilsa says

    Ahh amazing post! I do LOVE summer but yes, it really does get unbearably hot. Christmas spirit is actually such an amazing feeling and at this time of year, I just feel so warm and fuzzy and it’s the best. This just got me in the hoiliday mood so thank you xx

  2. Mary says

    Hi Kaitlin!!!! This is such a relatable post…I am literally addicted to fall/winter! I am ALL about the fall/winter fashion!!!!! And I love tea and coffee. This is such a simple post, but it is perfect for this time of year. I know I could send this to even my non-bookish friends and they would totally agree–you’ve inspired me to mix up my content more!


  3. Claire says

    I always say that I prefer summer weather for the first month of winter, but usually by the second month I’m all in with warm sweaters and hot chocolate and holiday music. And the breaks from school are an added bonus– they always give me the opportunity to explore something I want to do, or at the very least, take a needed break, haha. I love this post!

    claire @ clairefy

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