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  1. Annie says

    so nice to meet you haley! i’m a fellow canadian as well 🙂 very jealous you got to meet jenny han & the pic of you from second grade is so cute!! totally feel you on the humanities…except i kinda always knew i sucked at science & math. i just needed my mum to finally realize it too! i’m actually hoping to study something v similar to what you outlined next year at uni…think i might major in international relations and then major in something else still tbd?? also wow, you know so many languages! currently learning french & mandarin and just beginning to learn spanish on duolingo (mostly so i can actually sing along to despacito)…if you have tips on how to improve, please let me know! my progress is so slow 🙁

    anyway, nice to meet you!! sorry about the rambly comment haha hopefully it wasn’t toooo much

    • haley says

      haha thanks for your lovely comment! <3 canada & jenny han really are the best & i totally get what you mean about despacito. p.s. slow progress is still progress & that's awesome.

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