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  1. Dakota says

    I need a book (preferably quite a few), some good music, some water to stay hydrated, and some shade and sunscreen some my super pasty self does not turn into a lobster

  2. Mira Wright says

    my essential summer items are my phone (more specifically my spotify and apple music playlists), my headphones, and a book

  3. Kyana Lopez says

    My essential summer item is my phone because of the music I have, headphones, house keys and a water bottle!

  4. Mandie says

    My summer essential items could be a suncreen because where I live the sun is usually very strong (I live in Brazil), and also my phone (I can read or play games or take pics of the sea, the beach…. and the sky).

  5. Olivia Ho says

    My summer essential items is sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, water (lots of water), music, my laptop, and BOOKS!

  6. Michelle Catallo says

    My essential summer item is my 30oz water bottle I take everywhere. Actually, I guess that’s my year ’round one and so is sunglasses… Hmmmmm ~ oh! ice pops!!!!

  7. Michelle Catallo says

    Just got to say that I showed my eldest son this ~ he absolutely is enthralled with Greek/Roman mythology and was a biiiiiig fan of Percy Jackson book series. Just told him about this series ~ he is excited to say the least.

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